One Word that Came True


God has given me this past year a lot of eye opening things. A lot of people to have by my side such as leaders at my church and mentors. I have just started attending a bible study on Ephesians.

One saying that really came to mind was “When you have fallen in love with God, you won’t be able to be quite about him.” That has came true because nomatter what is going on in a conversation most of the time God comes up. My friend accepted God because I helped her walk through what God has done for her. That she is always forgiven nomatter what her actions are.

Past couple of months that has definitely came true for me. By having a bigger heart for the God Sized Dream I have committed myself to by saying “yes” to him. Just saying yes to him my life has turned 180.  It has been almost 4 months since I recommitted my life to God and to give him 110%.

These leaders have given me encouragement definitely the hardest parts of my journey with God and joy at the happiest parts. I couldn’t be more thankful than to have them by my side to get advice from.

God bless you! 🙂

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Volunteering with Brookwoodkids

Normally teens like to hangout with there friends and just relax on the weekends. I get up 7:30 every Saturday and Sunday to go serve beside some amazing people that have impacted my life. I spend my whole Sunday morning at my church. I get there around 8:15 ish and don’t leave till 12:30. Last year November I was called to go be involved with my church. I was thinking about middle school kids then I just went home and prayed about it. God layed on my heart that I should be with 2 year olds. I am so happy I decided to do 2 year olds because the people I have came in contact with have helped grow closer to God. They always have words of encouragement for me when I am either overwhelmed or stressed about different things. One lady told me “Keep your chin up and know you’re not alone. Remember be strong, God is always by your side.”

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My Experience of Crashing My Grandparents 50 Anniversary Trip to the Big City

World Trade Center Memorial

World Trade Center Memorial

I chose going to Dominican Republic for 5 time to going to Panama City Beach Flordia. My parents and brother went on a mission trip to Dominican Republic so I had to go stay somewhere. My grandparents already planned the air flight and a play they were going to see. We had a back up already if they couldn’t add me since they were so far into the process. Then they came back, said that I was added to it and that I was going to the Big City for 3 nights and 4 days. We stayed in the Wellington hotel right off Times Square. The play ” Jersey Boys” we went to see was the same night we got there. We were up at 4:00 in the morning so we were pretty tired. We had this bus tour pass so we didn’t have to walk everywhere.  My most favorite parts was seeing the World Trade Center and Statue of Liberty.

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High School Camp Experience

Worship at one of the sessions at camp.

Worship at one of the sessions at camp.

I have never been to a summer church camp but this year is the year I decided to go.  The camp was all the way in Panama City Beach, Florida at Edgewater Beach and Golf resort. I was there from July 6 to July 10. The camp was focused on all grade levels of high school.  We had two sessions each day we were there. During the sessions we would do worship songs after worship we would play a game. After the game was over we would have a speaker teach on different questions.

After the session we would go back to our condos and have small group time. Then after we were all done with that we had free time till our dinner time. Once we were done eating we played a game called Signs which let the time go by faster.

My first emotions was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. The camp was based on asking hard questions. One of the leaders asked me “What do you want to get out of this week?” I replied with “I don’t really know.”

The last session was really where I felt God move in amazing ways. Also that final night we had a late night which was all worship. I never knew what to expect for it being my first church camp. But I was very overwhelmed with what happened, God wanted me there for a reason. The camp was a week long from July 6 through July 10. I just prayed and asked “God, What do you want me to get out of this week?” God didn’t point it out till the last session that he wanted to recommit my life to him.

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Mauldin Miracle League has Really Changed the Way I Think

Ali having her baseball pose to perfection.

Ali having her baseball pose to perfection.

I have only been volunteering with Mauldin Miracle League which is a special needs baseball team that I help with every Saturday during the spring and the fall. Usually Saturdays teens sleep in but I don’t. I get up and go spend my whole morning with kids that are so dear to my heart. Special Needs kids are kids that have the same gifts as we do but a little differently.

Last Saturday I got handed the team roster of one of the teams I took it to the coach that was ahead of the team. She asked me since you have been here for most of the Saturdays would you like to be my co-coach for the season. I said “I would love to”. Then I just walked away after the game was over and I was like God you have really showed me who you are really want me to be involved with and I appreciate that.

This past Saturday I was playing with these 4 kids while they were in the line to bat. But every Saturday feels like a mini mission trip because I serve them with everything I got. This one girl has barely talked to me and this past Saturday she opened up to me. Her name is Ali and she is about 2 to 4 years old. It almost broke my heart because she is like “carry me” then in my mind I was thinking maybe at home she is normally not held. For like an hour I chased her around hearing her laugh and smile made me fall more in love with this amazing organization that Mauldin has provided for these kids.

This verse that reminds me to serve one another in your community and around the world is Galatians 5:13 which says “Through love serve one another.” By serving others you can show the love God has done for you.

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Night to Shine Effected My Life

Night to Shine Final

On February 13, 2015; Brookwood Church in Simpsonville changed into a big dance floor for the kids in the kids in special needs. Ladies got their hair and makeup done and then gentlemen got their shoes shined. After all the make-up and shoe shining every special needs got to walk down the red carpet into the big dance floor. There were over 400 volunteers who help out in all the stations.

My job was a paparazzi so I got to walk around and take pictures of all the big smiles on the kids. Most of the pictures captured heart warming memories I will never forget. This one picture in particular touched my life of this one girl who reached out to one of the singers. The lady reached out to her and the smile on both their faces was priceless. Before she went back to singing, the singer walked to the edge of the stage, gave the girl a hug and told her how pretty she was.Before this night. I was told that Tim Tebow was going to stop at 2 proms during the same day. That night I saw tons of policemen just standing in one spot. A few minutes later they walked out the door from the spot they were standing by and about 5 suv’s came to the circle. After that Tim Tebow was walking through the doors of Brookwood Church. Lucky me, I was able to walk behind him into the Auditorium where the big dance floor was. Once he got into the Auditorium I  got a hug from him and he asked,“How is your night going?” “Good. how about yours?” I replied. He said “Its so amazing to see this night come together and to see so many people show the love of God through a Night to Shine.” The last thing he says to me was “God Bless Sister,” and during the Night to Shine you can feel the love he is showing to those kids that attended. He also came up on stage and was like, “Enjoy this night, you are all kings and queens,God has a plan and a purpose for you.”

After that I just fell apart knowing that Tim Tebow is a very inspirational guy and that he  has set up the Tim Tebow Foundation to help people around the world. He has also built through his foundation a hospital in Davao City, Philippines called the Cure hospital.

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Experiencing Chris Tomlin In Concert

Chris Tomlin Singing Waterfall

Chris Tomlin singing Waterfall at the concert 

I got a chance to go to the Love Ran Red Tour which featured Chris Tomlin new album. With him there was two other bands which was rend collective and tenth avenue north. Chris Tomlin didn’t just do his new album songs he went through his whole music career. The songs that really touched me was Jesus Loves Me. Jesus Loves Me song really touched me because no matter what situation I am going through good or bad God is always right beside me with open arms. To see Chris Tomlin perform this song was really moving. The other song that touched me was waterfall. Part of the lyrics says ” your love is wild and free” what this part lyrics says to me is he will set you free and show Gods love with nothing to hide. This world really needs people that love God and willing to serve others around the world and in the community. Every year my church does this day called servefest and there are tons of activities we do around the community. That day is so much fun to go somewhere and take care of the yard. Then see the before then see it come together at the end of the day.

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