Experiencing Special Needs Schools

This year, I have put a lot of heart and hard work toward a project I have to complete in order to graduate. Last year, I had this experience with being an assistant coach for Mauldin Miracle League that there was no doubt in mind that I should do something for this amazing kids.

Tons of my teachers have been telling me before you follow through with Special Education you should go into a school and observe such as Sara Collins Elementary School. The teacher I got observe was Jamie Taber, honestly I walked around the whole day with those kids and watched what she did with them. I thought to myself this is where I really need to follow through with this degree.

So far, my project has came together really good such as no payments for me. I have had a lot to do such as send emails to people and get in front of people about my project. My project is Special Needs Field Day, and I am hoping this project will open a lot of doors for my future.

Special Needs Field Day Flyer v3


About bpatte29

My hobbies are drawing, playing basketball and serving in my community. I volunteer with a special needs baseball team and at my church.
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4 Responses to Experiencing Special Needs Schools

  1. emilyellis98 says:

    I can’t wait to hear about how your field day goes!

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  2. ahutsell says:

    Working with special needs children is so rewarding! I’ve been to the Washington center a few times and the students there are precious. Good luck with your project!!

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