Night to Shine Effected My Life

Night to Shine Final

On February 13, 2015; Brookwood Church in Simpsonville changed into a big dance floor for the kids in the kids in special needs. Ladies got their hair and makeup done and then gentlemen got their shoes shined. After all the make-up and shoe shining every special needs got to walk down the red carpet into the big dance floor. There were over 400 volunteers who help out in all the stations.

My job was a paparazzi so I got to walk around and take pictures of all the big smiles on the kids. Most of the pictures captured heart warming memories I will never forget. This one picture in particular touched my life of this one girl who reached out to one of the singers. The lady reached out to her and the smile on both their faces was priceless. Before she went back to singing, the singer walked to the edge of the stage, gave the girl a hug and told her how pretty she was.Before this night. I was told that Tim Tebow was going to stop at 2 proms during the same day. That night I saw tons of policemen just standing in one spot. A few minutes later they walked out the door from the spot they were standing by and about 5 suv’s came to the circle. After that Tim Tebow was walking through the doors of Brookwood Church. Lucky me, I was able to walk behind him into the Auditorium where the big dance floor was. Once he got into the Auditorium I  got a hug from him and he asked,“How is your night going?” “Good. how about yours?” I replied. He said “Its so amazing to see this night come together and to see so many people show the love of God through a Night to Shine.” The last thing he says to me was “God Bless Sister,” and during the Night to Shine you can feel the love he is showing to those kids that attended. He also came up on stage and was like, “Enjoy this night, you are all kings and queens,God has a plan and a purpose for you.”

After that I just fell apart knowing that Tim Tebow is a very inspirational guy and that he  has set up the Tim Tebow Foundation to help people around the world. He has also built through his foundation a hospital in Davao City, Philippines called the Cure hospital.


About bpatte29

My hobbies are drawing, playing basketball and serving in my community. I volunteer with a special needs baseball team and at my church.
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4 Responses to Night to Shine Effected My Life

  1. Mrs. Lyda says:

    What a special night that must have been for you and all of the students in attendance. I had a friend attend who said it was a magical evening. I hope this event is one that continues and draws significant support for the future.


  2. Destiny says:

    This is a nice event! That’s pretty cool that you go to meet Time Tebow, too.


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