Experiencing Chris Tomlin In Concert

Chris Tomlin Singing Waterfall

Chris Tomlin singing Waterfall at the concert 

I got a chance to go to the Love Ran Red Tour which featured Chris Tomlin new album. With him there was two other bands which was rend collective and tenth avenue north. Chris Tomlin didn’t just do his new album songs he went through his whole music career. The songs that really touched me was Jesus Loves Me. Jesus Loves Me song really touched me because no matter what situation I am going through good or bad God is always right beside me with open arms. To see Chris Tomlin perform this song was really moving. The other song that touched me was waterfall. Part of the lyrics says ” your love is wild and free” what this part lyrics says to me is he will set you free and show Gods love with nothing to hide. This world really needs people that love God and willing to serve others around the world and in the community. Every year my church does this day called servefest and there are tons of activities we do around the community. That day is so much fun to go somewhere and take care of the yard. Then see the before then see it come together at the end of the day.


About bpatte29

My hobbies are drawing, playing basketball and serving in my community. I volunteer with a special needs baseball team and at my church.
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4 Responses to Experiencing Chris Tomlin In Concert

  1. Destiny says:

    The servefest is a unique idea. It’s always great to give back to the community.


    • bpatte29 says:

      Yes It is always so much fun to come as a church and give back. To see the people’s expressions is always a great to see after all the hardwork you have done to the building or landscape.


  2. Wow I’m so jealous you got to see Chris Tomlin live! Sounds like it was a great experience!

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