Mighty to Save by Hillsong United

Mighty to Save by Hillsong

The band hillsong has some amazing songs but one that has really spoken to me is Mighty to Save. Hillsong originally was part of Hillsong Church and they are from Sydney, Australia. Hillsong one number 1 hits is Mighty to Save and was first released on July 1, 2006. The lyrics says how mighty God is. Also how God can move in you and through to other people in your community and people you talk to on a daily bases.

I went to Dominican Republic for the first time since my family and I moved back to the United States. The last night of the camp we were saying goodbye to the kids we hung out with for three days. Then the band played Mighty to Save in Spanish and it really touched my heart. Mighty to Save is an incredible song to listen to and shows how much all mighty God is. Then I just started crying because God was speaking to me. After that my life was changed and I am following God”s plan for me.

One of the verses that really is apart of this song is Zephaniah 3:17 which states “The Lord your God is with you, Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” This verse states that no matter what happens God will still love you and he there with you through anything.


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My hobbies are drawing, playing basketball and serving in my community. I volunteer with a special needs baseball team and at my church.
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4 Responses to Mighty to Save by Hillsong United

  1. Destiny says:

    It sounds like this song has really ministered to you. I didn’t know you lived outside of the U.S. Where you born in the U.S?


    • bpatte29 says:

      Yes I was to young to remember it but I have seen videos of when we lived there. But my parents were called to be missionaries in the Dominican Republic for 3 years. It is soo cool to go back and see the things we did. 3 years ago my family and I stayed back after we had a team for a week and went to visit the schools we went while we lived there and we went to the house we lived in. I was born in South Carolina. 🙂 if you ever get a chance to go to a international mission trip it is the most amazing experience ever.


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