Love Ran Red by Chris Tomlin and How Some Songs Speaks to Me

Love Ran Red Album Cover

Chris Tomlin is a christian worship singer from Texas that has a church called Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Chris Tomlin has also have had many other albums such as Burning Lights, Arriving, and more.The album Love Ran Red has just been released on October 27, 2014. The album is based on how amazing God is and how you can go any direction but God will still be right there with you.


One song on this album called “Jesus Loves Me” that says that how close God is and that he is always there for you. One line of the song says “I couldn’t run, I couldn’t run from his presence” it says that you can go on the direction but you are still in the arms of God and you can’t escape. This song really speaks to me because no matter what the struggle is God is there right beside me and he is there to help me out.


The other song that is on the album is called “Waterfall” came from Psalm 42:7 says “I will seek you” and its about returning to your first love of God. This song really speaks to me because it reminds me of when I first accepted him into my life.
The last song that is one of the top hits on itunes which is “At The Cross(love ran red)”. Also the story behind this song is no matter how many mistakes you make the cross helps you remember that Jesus is there to wash them all away. This song also speaks to me because I have made many mistakes in my life but God always has open arms and accepts me the way I am. This song also reminds me of last Sunday at youth group I decided my New Year’s Resolution would be grow in my relationship with God.


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2 Responses to Love Ran Red by Chris Tomlin and How Some Songs Speaks to Me

  1. Destiny says:

    This sounds like a really nice and inspiring album to listen to!


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