My Mission Trip to Dominican Republic Experience

Me and Abril at the beach in the Dominican Republic

Me and Abril at the beach in the Dominican Republic

My family and I were missionaries in the Dominican Republic for 3 years. We have been back in the United States for a while but have done mission trips which are construction in June then a camp in July.  I got a chance to go back 3 years ago for the first time since we moved back to the United States. That trip has really opened my eyes toward being grateful what you have because some people have to live without it.

That trip really changed my life I got spoken to by God the last night of camp through the song “Open the Eyes of My Heart”. 2 years ago was our first year going with high schoolers and it really brought us closer. We always talk about it and how fun it was showing the love of God to the kids in Dominican Republic. Seeing God move during the whole week really was an amazing experience. Not this past summer but the one before that we go to the beach one day and waterpark one day. That year both youth pastors went with us and when we went to the beach we were playing and then we had a baptism service right in the waters of Dominican Republic. During that baptism service God moved a lot of people and we had 16 teens get baptized. I will never forget that trip because we really came as a big “family” and was changed. Also there was a bunch of Dominicans who watched us have a baptism service because my dad translated what Jared (youth pastor) was saying so they understood it.

Then last summer the team and I got a chance to sit through a church service. This lady named Carol was there and she asked if we could be prayed for. It finally came to where my row had to go up there and she was just talking to me and hugging me. I could and the people around me could feel that God was there. Then she raised my hand and she asked me if I know “Why my hand was raised?”. I said “no” she responds “it means Victory in the Name of Jesus”. I was about to start crying because I had tears in my eyes but I held it in. Then she said “Never forget that you are a follower of God and you are here for a reason.”

Ever since that trip I always read the journal and look through the pictures and reminds me that I am a Child of God. That same trip we went to the beach one of my great friends little niece was there and her name was Abril. Her aunt had to go eat her lunch and she asked me if I could watch over her while she went to eat. and I did. She was so sweet then I was going shopping. When I came back she saw and came running to me and I asked her “if she missed me?” and she said “yes.” I held her and showed the Love of God to her.

Every year I go on a mission trip its hard to leave the country and the kids we got to spend all week with.  But I always know there is always next year to spend time with the same kids and show them the love of God to them. This bible verse really sums up what I did during the week “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10


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My hobbies are drawing, playing basketball and serving in my community. I volunteer with a special needs baseball team and at my church.
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6 Responses to My Mission Trip to Dominican Republic Experience

  1. Destiny says:

    This is a nice reflective blog. Your trip sounds like a great experience, and I’m glad that you shared it.

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  2. This!! This is so motivating, trying to hold back tears but the DR trip sounds pretty nice

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    • bpatte29 says:

      Yes! It is some moving stuff. I can’t be more blessed to be apart of the trips i go on. Also I have other stories I would love to share anything else you would like to know. That is just a little bit of it in this blog. 🙂


  3. hcannady01 says:

    Wow what a wonderful experience! I want to go on an international mission trip soon, and I loved reading your blog. Truly inspirational! Thank you for brightening my day 🙂

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